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Adkins, TimothyLewis, Gregory Smith, Tony
Glanville, MarjorieLewis, KimberleySmith, Adrian
Hartwig, DieterMcDonald, GaryTorre, Mica
Heath, Venetia McKee, RhysTurewicz, Roman
Jones, DamienO'Connell, StephenTurewicz, Janet
Jones, CrystalO'Hara, Jennifer Vaccaro, Nathan
Krowicky, RobynPacker, BernadetteWenke, Tony
Lewis, CherylPowell, BronwynWhitaker, Ian


Shared Lessons

Want to learn to play with friends? Why not try our shared lessons? Catering for all ages and stages, these small groups of 2-5 students are a fun and relaxed way to learn!